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AeroFlow bathroom heater for a pleasant indoor climate

Our high-quality AeroFlow® electric heaters can be used in bathrooms of all sizes, with the SLIM TALL 1600 model being particularly suitable for this purpose due to its dimensions.

  • Controlled heat output thanks to integrated storage core
  • The energy-saving AeroFlow bathroom heater from the manufacturer Thermotec has characteristically shaped fins and a high-density, heat-resistant fireclay brick as a heat storage element. With the help of the combination of radiant and convection heat, it provides comfortable temperatures in your bathroom without causing unpleasant odors and noises, as well as air turbulence caused by fans or ventilators.
  • Particularly safe for use in wet rooms
  • The high-quality powder coating makes the model insensitive to moisture. Thanks to the thermal overheating protection and the separate temperature switch for each heating element, the heater is particularly safe for use in the bathroom.
  • Efficient control via app-enabled controller
  • With the help of the thermostat, you can control the heat output of the AeroFlow bath heater precisely. For example, the electric bathroom heater can be switched on automatically at the time you get up and go to bed. At the same time, you can operate the controller effortlessly on the go via app.
  • Pleasant heat via fireclay core or heating cartridge
  • The bathroom radiator BH114E mit KTX-Steuerungfunctions as a classic towel rail and is a simple alternative to our high-quality firebrick variant. Here, a thermal fluid serves as the heating medium, which is heated with an electric heating cartridge. This releases the heat into the room via the heating pipes.

What to look out for when buying an electric heater for the bathroom

If you are planning to install an electric heater in your bathroom, it is imperative that you consider whether the radiator is suitable for use in wet rooms. This can be recognised by the IP33 protection rating. Our AeroFlow bathroom heater is optimally protected against splashing water from the toilet, bathtub or shower and is therefore ideal for use in the bathroom.

Buy Electric Bathroom Radiators on eheaters24

For pleasant temperatures in the bathroom, we recommend our high-quality AeroFlow bathroom heater, which heats up your living space by means of a combination of radiant and convection heat and whose internal storage core enables even heat to be emitted at times without a power supply. The practical towel rail is also suitable for pre-heated towels.. The bracket can be easily mounted without drilling or screwing in just a few steps.
As a classic towel rail, you can alternatively purchase the BH114E electric bathroom radiator including KTX-2 controller with high-quality overheating protection. It generates an even heat by means of a high-quality KTX-2 electric heating coil, which heats the thermal fluid in the radiator. This releases the heat into the room via the heating pipes. The heating cartridge of the towel bath radiator allows different temperature settings between 30°C and 60°C. Moreover, thanks to the 2-hour timer function, you do not have to switch off the bathroom radiator manually.

Easy assembly, 30-year manufacturer's guarantee

Thanks to the AeroFlow bathroom heater from the manufacturer Thermotec, you can enjoy your comfortable temperatures in the bathroom at all times. At the same time, you benefit from easy handling and installation as well as a long-lasting, maintenance-free and efficient heating performance, which the manufacturer guarantees for 30 years. All materials for wall mounting are already included in the scope of delivery so that you can start using the radiator straight away.

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