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Accessories for AeroFlow electric radiators

Towel rails, mobile stands (legs) or smart controllers: Thermotec accessories for electric radiators allow you to customise your individual appliances - completely according to your needs. Discover a wide range of accessories for your home. 

Discover Thermotec electric radiators at e24 and find the right model for your home.

Flexible accessories for mobile use throughout your entire home

For mobile use in a residential area, a mobile base for electric radiators is provided. The stable metal base is mounted on moving rollers so that you can freely move your AeroFlow electric radiators as you wish.

Secure stands (legs) as accessory - individual application possibilities

There are two different types of additional stands (legs) for AeroFlow electric radiators: screw-on and non screw-on stands (legs).

The set of screw-on stands allows AeroFlow electric radiators to be mounted to the floor. The practical plastic cover for the metal stands (legs) prevents swaying and guarantees the stable footing of electric heaters. This set of accessories is especially suitable for spaces where wall mounting is not possible. 

The stand set for AeroFlow electric radiators is not mounted to the floor so it enables the appliance to be moved around the room. In this way, you use your electric radiator wherever heat is needed. In spring and summer, you can put away your AeroFlow electric radiator which uses the stand accessories and store it until autumn, thus saving space.

Smart accessories for AeroFlow electric radiators

The X3D radio controller allows the extensive programming of up to 20 Aeroflow electric heaters. From the holiday program to the practical weekend program and identification of open windows, this tool includes a large number of other functions. With the TYDOM 1.0 Smart Home Box as the expansion interface, you can also control your Aeroflow electric radiator using a free app - no matter where you are. 
The AeroFlow electric radiators with the FlexiSmart controller also allow you to conveniently control them with the AeroFlow FlexiSmart Internet module. The module can be easily connected using an Ethernet cable. As a result, you can intelligently control and program your electric radiators with accessories using a smartphone or tablet. 
With the optimum side panel of your AeroFlow radiator, you can also replace the older versions of the 3XD radio receiver and operate it with the app by means of the 1.0 Smart Home Box or FlexiSmart Internet module, depending on the selected system. Discover smart accessories for Thermotec Aeroflow electric radiators for your home.

Modern design of AeroFlow electric radiators 

Electric radiators are made with front lamellae as standard. The decorative front of Aeroflow electric radiators offers you a modern alternative to the familiar lamella versions of conventional radiators. This equipment does not affect the functionality of the Aeroflow radiator since it is mounted using magnets. In this way, the decorative front turns your electric radiators into eye-catching elements and creates a modern climate.

Functional accessories: Towel rail for daily use 

With the towel rail for Aeroflow electric radiators, you can use the heat produced by your radiator more efficiently: wet towels in the bathroom or kitchen can be dried using the radiator heat so you can expect them to stay warm and dry all the time. The towel rail can be flexibly attached to the Aeroflow electric radiator using the mounting hooks supplied with it. This attachment can also be easily removed and mounted to any other Aeroflow electric radiator in your home.

Accessories for cleaning Aeroflow electric radiators

Dusty radiators are not able to optimally distribute the heat in the room. The solution to this problem is the Thermotec radiator cleaning brush. The flexible brush with goat hair allows the easy cleaning of individual electric radiator lamellae. The plastic sheathing of the wire reliably prevents the radiator powder coating from being damaged.
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