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These are the advantages of heating with Thermotec electric radiators

Safe heat transfer and no running costs - discover the benefits of your electric heating at eheaters24.

  • Low purchase costs
  • Electric storage heating is much more cost-effective than conventional heating methods. Compared to classic heaters, the purchase cost of electric radiators is lower. In addition, no follow-up costs related to expensive maintenance or chimney sweeping is expected for electric radiators. 

  • AeroFlow electric radiators free from suspended particulate matter
  • Thermotec electric radiators provide an odour-free temperature in the room. No particulate matter is released by models offered by this manufacturer. The electric radiators are therefore ideal for asthma sufferers or people with allergies. 

  • Mobile flexibility
  • Need short-term electric heating in your basement or gazebo?Thermotec electric radiators allow for flexible and individual positioning. As long as there is a plug-in socket available, you can use the electric radiation to heat any room.

  • Controlled heat transfer through internal fireclay storage core
  • Thermotec electric storage heaters at eheaters24 ensure uniform storage and heat transfer with a 2 cm thick fireclay storage core. When the desired temperature is reached, the heating function switches off automatically. Special effect: The integrated fireclay storage core maintains the desired temperature in the room, so no reheating is necessary and energy costs can be saved.

Purchase of electric radiator at eheaters24

at eheaters24, you will find selected Thermotec AeroFlow electric radiators. For more than 20 years, the manufacturer of the brand has been producing high quality electric radiators in Germany. At the company’s headquarters in Vierkirchen, the employees design innovative radiators manually. The electric radiators are exported from Saxony to all over Europe and China. 

Discover Thermotec electric radiators at eheaters24 and find the right model for your home.

Heating with electric systems: General

Electric heating has several basic advantages compared to normal heating methods. As the electric surface storage heating does not require the installation of heating pipes, no additional, professional personnel are needed. It is reflected, in particular, in the lower purchasing costs. 

In addition, you do not need to store fuel material. As the days become longer and warmer, you can easily move the electric radiators and put them away until autumn. This will allow you to save your valuable living space.

Green heating alternative using photovoltaics

Electric radiators at eheaters24 can be combined in an environmentally friendly manner with solar electricity from your own photovoltaic system. The fireclay core inside the electric radiator stores the heat reliably and thus provides its efficient transfer. This makes it possible to optimise the use of power produced by the solar system for heating. 

Mobile electric radiators throughout your entire home

Due to the short heating phase of electric radiators, you can react quickly to sudden changes in temperature. If additional heat is needed, electric radiators are also suitable as additional heating in the living room, children’s room or bedroom. The stands (legs) and mobile bases, which are practical accessories, allow for flexible transport to other rooms. The classic towel rail in the bathroom functions as both the towel dryer and the electric radiator. In this way, you can save valuable space especially in the bathroom.

Quick installation without an electrician

Electric radiators are easy to install because they only need to be connected to a plug-in socket. Each electric surface storage heater is provided with a 1.5 m connection cable and Schuko plug.
Only if you want to connect the radiator to your home’s electrical circuit, do we recommend calling in an electrician. You should also consult an electrician if you want to connect multiple electric radiators to one plug-in socket to prevent the electrical circuit from overloading and ensure safe everyday use.

AeroFlow electric radiators: controlled with an app

When purchasing a Thermotec AeroFlow electric radiator, two different types of controllers are available. The first option is the so-called FlexiSmart system. This type of controller is integrated in the form of a small digital screen mounted directly on the electric radiator. The control is performed manually or through a customised heating plan presented on the display. You can adjust it especially according to your individual needs, e.g. by setting the working times. 
The X3D radio controller has been specifically designed to handle several electric storage heaters. The set-up display is wall-mounted and can be used to control the electric radiators in your home. 
Both these smart controllers also allow you to operate electric radiators from a smartphone - no matter where you are.
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