Flexible cleaning brush for Aeroflow electric radiators

Product number: HZ032


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Flexible cleaning brush for Aeroflow electric radiators
Maintaining constant heating performance with AeroFlow cleaning brush
Did you know that dusty radiators use more electricity compared to clean appliances? A dusty surface can no longer dissipate the heat evenly into the room. The AeroFlow electric radiators should therefore be cleaned regularly from the inside. In this way, the appliances will heat your rooms with the same efficiency for many years.  
To prevent the interruption of air circulation, remove dust from the radiator lamellae. The AeroFlow electric radiators are designed to be easy to clean. It is not necessary to remove the upper cover for careful and quick cleaning. 
The natural goat bristle brush is perfect for thorough cleaning. This flexible brush easily adapts to the individual lamellae and cleans them meticulously. The wooden handle is ergonomic, thus making it easier to use the brush. To prevent scratch marks on the radiator surface, the wire has a plastic coating as a preventive measure.


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