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Practical stand set for screw-fastening

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Practical stand set for screw-fastening
Practical AeroFlow® stand set for screw-fastening
Are your rooms constructed mostly of non-bearing plasterboard walls? So you cannot mount your radiator to the wall?
The practical screw-in stand set for AeroFlow electric radiators allows you to mount your appliance regardless of the walls in your rooms. The metal structure stabilises the radiator and prevents it from tipping over. The stable base is coated with a plastic layer and prevents the radiator from any rattling or wobbling. The stand set can be used for electric radiators with a construction height of 610 mm and 325 mm . Unfortunately, the SLIM FIT radiator with a height of 1250 mm cannot be combined with this stand.
You can freely position the radiator depending on the needs in your room using the stand (leg). The stand set does not affect air circulation. Installation is very simple.
Tip: The stand set is not suitable for floor heating due to the risk that the heating pipes will be accidentally drilled through.


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