Color radiators

With our modern AeroFlow heaters in various colors, you can bring a breath of fresh air into your living spaces. Whether anthracite gray, light ivory, quartz gray, matte black or chrome - as a decorative splash of color, your heater is no longer just a heating element, but can be specifically matched to your interior design.

AeroFlow® Elektroheizung MIDI 1950 mit FlexiSmart-Steuerung


The shine of the warm gray tone is reminiscent of the high quality anthracite coal.

AeroFlow® Elektroheizung MIDI 1950 mit FlexiSmart-Steuerung

Light ivory

The delicate, bright yellow tone is universal and gives an elegant touch to any room.

AeroFlow® Elektroheizung MIDI 1950 mit FlexiSmart-Steuerung


The perfect grey: This tone sets a very special color accent.

Badheizkörper BH114E mit KTX-Steuerung


In a matte look, the classic black shade makes a powerful statement.

Badheizkörper BH114E mit KTX-Steuerung


With a radiator in shiny silver metallic look you are always on the safe side.

AeroFlow® Elektroheizung MIDI 1950 mit FlexiSmart-Steuerung

Light ivory

The delicate, bright yellow tone is universal and gives an elegant touch to any room.

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Buy modern coloured radiators at eheaters24

The coloured radiators from the manufacturer Thermotec combine chic design with efficient heating performance. At the company's headquarters in Vierkirchen, the brand manufacturer has been producing innovative electric heaters with a modern look for over 20 years. Depending on the radiator design, you can give your home an individual touch with our AeroFlow heaters.

Trend colours anthracite and quartz grey

In a modern anthracite grey, our AeroFlow radiator sets an expressive colour accent in discreetly furnished living spaces. At the same time, the darkest tone in the grey colour spectrum can be ideally combined with other colours and, thanks to its neutrality, serves as a valuable haven of calm in a colourful environment.

In addition to anthracite, the colour quartz grey is also becoming increasingly popular for interior design. The neutral grey tone unfolds its effect as a tasteful contrast to inconspicuous furniture and wall colours. Used in a targeted manner, quartz grey creates a pleasant living atmosphere without standing out unpleasantly.

Simple and elegant: light ivory, chrome and matt black

If you prefer a classic look or want to create a calm contrast to a rather colourful interior, play it safe with our electric radiators in chrome and light ivory.

With its timeless, finely polished chrome look, the AeroFlow E heater cuts a fine figure in any living environment. The light ivory colour, on the other hand, offers an elegant colour accent thanks to its slight yellow tint, which provides additional warmth and cosiness.

In matt black, radiators appear particularly elegant and high-quality. For rather plain living spaces, they are a chic eye-catcher. In the same way, matt black intensifies the radiance of other intense wall and furniture colours.

Simple installation, convenient control via app

Our coloured radiators are not only convincing with their chic design and their evenly pleasant heat emission. At the same time, you avoid tedious installation: instead of laying heating pipes, our electric surface storage heating only needs to be connected to the mains via a socket.

The coloured radiators are controlled manually or by a heating plan that you compile individually on the display. You can also make the desired temperature settings on the go via your smartphone or tablet using the app.

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